Net Zero? We are carbon negative!

Climate Change word cloud

“What can we do about the climate crisis?” That’s the question we asked ourselves. And that’s the question we all have to ask ourselves

Climate change is the most rigorously tested theory in scientific history and it is beyond doubt that it is being driven by human consumption of fossil fuels. If you are one of those who still don’t believe this and that urgent and drastic action is required then I would simply urge you to search out the science for yourself.

So are we jumping on the bandwagon? Isn’t this just tokenism? What difference can we, as a small ecological consultancy, possibly make? Isn’t this just cynical marketing?

Climate change protest
There is a global surge of support for climate action

As an ecological consultancy, we care deeply about taking care of our environment, our planet, and our animals and plants.

We may be small but together our collective efforts can make the significant changes that are required if we are to avoid the worst of the impacts.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated that to limit climate change to 1.5°C, to avoid the very worst impacts, we will need to implement mitigation and adaption strategies to cut global greenhouse gas emissions at an unprecedented rate.

We conducted an audit of our climate change emissions and, being a small company, we found that we could easily achieve net-zero emissions immediately by offsetting our emissions through verified emission reduction schemes. We found that actually we could go one better than that and offset double our emissions!

So we’ve now not only achieved net-zero but we are carbon negative!

Obviously it would be infinitely more desirable to achieve actual zero emissions but offsetting is a close second. To help us work towards lowering our actual emissions we have developed an action plan. The aim of the plan is to maintain carbon negative status by offsetting more emissions than we produce, while also committing to achieving actual zero emissions by 2030.

Hold us to this! We will provide updates on our progress.

Together we can make the significant and rapid changes that are required. But it will require all of us, big and small, to play our part.