Ecological and Environmental Mapping

We provide digital Ecological and Environmental Mapping Services for a range of public and private sector organisations. This includes a variety of project types and a range of spatial scales. Our desk and field-based mapping services utilise dynamic high-capacity hardware. Our field mapping devices are optimised with high precision GPS units for high-quality outputs.

We have considerable experience in habitat and species mapping. This includes all associated industry-standard ecological mapping conventions including the JNCC Phase 1 Habitat Survey mapping colour palette, styling and annotation conventions.

Our team provides GIS data capture and mapping services and spatial dataset creation and conversion in a range of formats. We can conduct a range of dataset processing tasks and spatial analysis services.

We can also provide a range of GIS reporting options, with finalised map products in a range of formats including:

  • paper maps
  • a variety of electronic document types (e.g. .pdf, .jpeg, .png, .tiff)
  • and popular industry standard geospatial data formats (e.g. ESRI .shp, GeoTIFF, .csv) with EU INSPIRE compliant metadata.

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Other Ecological and Environmental Mapping related services

We also provide some other related services: