*Our Guarantee

All our surveys are GUARANTEED to meet the standards stipulated within all relevant Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) survey specifications, Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) guidelines, Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) guidelines and any and all other relevant ecological survey guidelines.

How can we guarantee such a thing?

Simple – all our surveys are conducted following these guidelines to the letter, ultimately saving you time and money!

However, in the unlikely event that our survey methodology falls short of these standards, we would, in the first instance, correct the situation as soon as is reasonably possible or offer a full refund.

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the ecological survey and assessment process is necessarily iterative, i.e. each stage informs the next. Initial surveys are used to inform the need for further surveys, assessments and/or mitigation measures. These cannot usually be predicted with any certainty. The need for these further works does not indicate that initial surveys failed to meet the required standard but are merely the result of the unavoidable uncertainty of the process. Please also remember that we cannot guarantee that any survey will result in planning permission being granted! The decision to approve or refuse lies with the local planning authority.