Kane Ecology: Ecological Planning and Assessments

Ecological Planning and Assessments Northern Ireland

The planning process often requires a number of ecological assessments and reports, sometimes as a result of the NI Biodiversity Checklist, to ensure compliance with environmental legislation. Kane Ecology can provide you with ecological planning advice and any assessments or reports that your project may require.

Ecological Impact Assessments

Many developments will require full Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIAs). All EcIAs are carried out in accordance with the Chartered Institute Of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) Guidelines for Ecological Impact Assessment in the United Kingdom (2006). This process will normally involve a number of surveys, beginning with an extended phase 1 habitat survey to identify and map the ecological constraints.

Appropriate Assessment

Where a project may have an effect on a designated site (e.g. ASSI, SAC, or SPA), an Appropriate Assessment is required under The Conservation (Natural Habitats etc.) Regulations. This will require detailed assessments of impacts on the designated sites and their ecological features.

Habitat Restoration Plans

A common planning requirement is that a development has in place a suitable Habitat Restoration Plan. This is a plan to be implemented following the decommissioning phase of a development and it is a normal requirement to have one in place prior to planning permission being approved.

Ecological Clerk of Works

Kane Ecology also provides ecologists to act as ecological clerks of works. This service can be a planning requirement to ensure environmental compliance or correct implementation of ecologically important works on-site. This may include a wide range of tasks such as providing ecological information and advice, helping to ensure species and habitat protection, keeping records, reporting, and providing ‘toolbox talks’.