Kane Ecology: Ecological Mitigation and Management

Ecological Mitigation Northern Ireland

Ecological Mitigation

Many development projects have the potential to cause negative impacts on a variety of habitats and species. However, at Kane Ecology we believe that through clever ecological design and mitigation techniques these negative impacts can be eliminated or reduced. This will ensure environmental compliance and avoid unnecessary delays and negative publicity for your development project. All mitigation works follow current best practice guidelines (e.g. the English Nature Bat Mitigation Guidelines by Mitchell-Jones, 2004)

Ecological mitigation may involve simply rethinking the problem while keeping costs to a minimum. Timings and locations of works can be considered in conjunction with the ecological constraints of the site. Where species or habitat relocation is involved, a European Protected Species (EPS) licence may be required. Risks of ecological impacts can be reduced and environmental compliance can be improved through bespoke training options, employing ecological watches, tailored ‘Ecological Clerk of Works’ services, or through ecological management plans, habitat management plans, or species management plans.

Ecological Compensation

Occasionally ecological impacts may be unavoidable, and it may be necessary to relocate species or habitats to facilitate your development. That’s why at Kane Ecology we have a selection of compensation options to give your project the best chance of securing planning permission and maintaining a positive public profile.

Compensation for unavoidable ecological impacts may involve replacing like-for-like the ecological feature that has been sacrificed in one part of the site to another location. Our ecologists can advise on what measures will be necessary.

Ecological Enhancement

At Kane Ecology we are passionate about ecological enhancement, and we have the experience and expertise to design successful enhancement opportunities for a range of habitats and species. From initial conception, Kane Ecology can create innovative designs and guide you through a detailed schedule of works to successful implementation.

Ecological Management Planning

Depending on your project requirements, we can provide tailored habitat design services, habitat creation plans, ecological schedule of works, habitat and species management plans, ecological clerk of works services, and habitat restoration plans. We can also provide any specialised ecological materials required including specific seed mixes and specialist equipment to ensure success. If invasive species are present on your development site we can produce cost-effective invasive species management and eradication plans.