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Ecological Surveys and Monitoring

Ecological surveys and monitoring activities are required for many different types of project, from planning applications to research and conservation management. The type of project and the specific site conditions will ultimately determine the type of surveys that are required, the methods used and the time involved. Most ecological surveys need to be conducted at specific times of the year, reflecting the seasonal variation in the activity of target species or the composition of target habitats.

Ecological surveys should only be carried out by ecologists with relevant knowledge and experience. This is particularly important when surveys are to target species that are protected by law, or are to be submitted as part of a planning application, as surveys deemed to be inadequate by the statutory authority could be rejected, resulting in costly delays.

Whatever your project, we can provide the expertise you require. Our ecologists are experienced in all aspects of ecological surveying and monitoring methods in order to ensure compliance with planning requirements, meet research needs, and inform impact assessments and conservation management.

All our surveys and monitoring activities are conducted in accordance with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) Guidelines and relevant Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) specific survey requirements.

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