Bird Surveys Northern Ireland

Kane Ecology: Bird Surveys and Monitoring

Bird Surveys and Monitoring

Bird surveys may be required for a range of projects including research, conservation management and planning applications as a result of completing the NI Biodiversity Checklist. The ecological features of the site and the overall aims of the project will determine the type of bird surveys required. All bird species are afforded legal protection under the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order and their unlawful disturbance or destruction of their nests can result in financial penalties. It is therefore critically important that experienced ornithologists conduct appropriate bird surveys prior to on-site works.

Our ornithologists are experienced in conducting all types of bird survey that may be required including breeding bird surveys (including breeding wader), migratory bird surveys, wintering bird surveys and vantage point surveys. These surveys need to be carried out at specific times of the year with migratory surveys taking place during spring and autumn, breeding bird surveys taking place largely from March to July  and wintering surveys taking place from early  November to the end of February.

All our bird surveys are conducted according to the methods prescribed by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) Bird Survey Guidelines. For windfarm proposals NIEA currently use the bird survey guidelines developed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to determine the impact on important bird populations.

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